Who is your most valuable customer?

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Stratum uses Artificial Intelligence to predict tomorrow’s most valuable customers and those you need to fight to retain.

Stratum Features
Churn and retention

Predict and stop customers most likely to leave

Customer loyalty ratings predict your customers' future buying behaviour. Allowing you to take the right action to keep them.

intervention alerts
Intelligence sales performance benchmarking

Benchmark your sales performance

Empower your sales team with real-time analysis of customer engagement. Benchmark and improve to maximise your performance.

intelligent reports
Customer Segmentation

Forecast your customers' future revenue

Discover which customers are your most valuable. Re-align key accounts. Make sure the right customers are getting your full attention.

data-driven segmentation
Customer future revenue predictions

Identify promising prospects

Today’s acquisition is tomorrow’s key account. Use Stratum to grow new customers and tailor your strategy to your most promising prospects.

future revenue predictions

Make smarter decisions with Stratum’s predictive customer insights.

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