Getting Started

Data upload

Stratum requires your customer transactional data to fuel customer insights and recommendations. Here’s how to get started with Stratum.

1) Prepare your customer transaction data

Stratum utilises end-to-end encryption but for your own peace of mind we recommend anonymising customer information by stripping away names and any other details that might publicly identify a customer.

2) Export your customer transaction data

Export a CSV file from your system containing at least 24 months of customer transactional records. Stratum requires the following data fields for each row of transactional data:

  1. Customer ID (anonymised)

  2. Date of transaction

  3. Value of transaction (Gross or Net)

Format example
    1,27 March 2017,1001

3) Upload your customer transaction data

Sign-in to Stratum and click ‘Upload data’ in the main navigation bar. Then simply drag and drop your exported CSV file to begin uploading your customer transactional data.

You will receive an email from Stratum once the CSV file has been processed and your account has been updated.

Download Stratum’s data to SalesForce and other tools

As soon as your first CSV has been processed by Stratum, you can download the modified version of the CSV file. This processed version includes additional customer metrics from Stratum, including:

  1. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) rating.

  2. Propensity to Churn rating.

  3. Initial Intervention date.

  4. Urgent Intervention date.

  5. Customer Segment classification.

Downloading the processed CSV gives you the flexibility to import Stratum’s customer metrics into many popular sales tools such as SalesForce (via the Data Import Wizard). Alternatively, you can simply browse, filter, sort and search for specific customers within Excel or Google Sheets.

SQL Integration

To automate the uploading of your customer transactional data and downloading of Stratum’s processed data CSV, please contact